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Oct.11- Nov.11

Hakata Sensho Market & Ryugu-ji Temple

“The Others” project

in Fukuoka

Time & Location

Hakata Sensho Market (Gyomu Super )

3 Chome-19-1 Chiyo, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka.

Period/Oct.11(Fri)- Nov.11(Mon)

Mon to Sat, 9:00 A.M – 6:00 P.M



Ryugu-ji Temple

4-21 Reisenmachi, Hakata Ward, Fukuoka.

Period/Oct.11(Fri)- Oct.14(Mon) 

10:00 A.M – 9:00 P.M


This project curated by Fukuoka Asia Art Museum.

About the Event

Che Yon-Ly comes from the Hamamatsu Danchi community in Fukuoka and now teaches fine arts in North Korean school. The Hamamatsu Danchi is one of the oldest Zainichi ( Japan resident ) community, i.e. Korean residents in Japan. 


From the life stories written by Che Yon-Ly, Candy Bird had developed mural paintings and they are scattered in the Ryugu-ji Temple (龍宮寺) and the Hakata Sensho Market in Fukuoka. The Sensho Market is located near the Hamamatsu Danchi area and there are still Korean grocery stores in it. Candy Bird had invited Ms. Che to participate in the mural production. Audiences could look for the murals according to the map, listen to her stories and stroll down the streets of the Hamamatsu area, catching a glimpse of the last remaining Zainichi Korean community in Japan.

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