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  • Candy Bird

What a Neat Painting

Candy Bird's solo show in Liang gallery Duration: 2018.04.07 Sat. – 2018.05.06 Sun.


"For, since my nap after dinner, till I had wakened in the late night to sniff at the raindrops outside the windows, then only she could be seen home with her exhausted body dragged behind, off she kicked her heels, and sank into the couch, with beer in one hand and playing Tinder. She seemed unwilling to tolerate with the long-running course of being in love, while working as an arts administrator had already worn her out completely, leaving her looking forward only to the big data and perceptive stimulations between fingers swipes." Candy Bird has long observed the manner in which his friends, who are of the same generation as he is, get along with elders. He put these observations into words and integrated them into his paintings. It became a healing and nagging approach to look dee

per into the relationship between ideology and people in the aging Taiwanese society, resulting in a series of works. The name of this exhibition originated from a song titled Mud, performed by the Taiwanese indie band No Party for Cao Dong: “Oh, what a neat painting. How come, how come it is full of sadness?”

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