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Ketagalan: Wander Symbol

This project uses Beitou Fanzicuo Baode Temple as its base (near the intersection of Taipei’s Daye Road and Zhongyang North Road) to explore the circumstances experienced by the aboriginal Ketagalan peoples in Beitou since modern colonialism and the influence left by the Han and Japanese whom colonized the area before. Candy Bird responds to such circumstances with artistic site-specific cultural productions.

This project is divided into two parts, one is a mural along the wall next to the Beitou Baode Temple, the other is Taoist flags on Daye Road along the way to Baode Temple. The concept derives from personal daily experiences as a historical narrative, the content of the mural is based on the personal experience of the temple owner Pan, combined with the history of forced relocation of the Bade Temple. The wall on which the mural is located for the exhibition makes the boundary of the Temple after the forced relocation.

The concept of the Taoist flag comes from the common language Basai of the Ketagalan peoples, using design to convey and transform the Taoist pennants(flag). The Taoist flag combines everyday words in Basai language (with English pinyin) and transforms them into metaphorical images. That is made into several flags hung along the road to Baode Temple to remind the people of its cultural value and to guide their way to the Temple. 

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