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Sep 28 - Nov 3 | Taipei Artist Village


2019 TAV Art Project

Time & Location

Sep 28 - Nov 3 | 11:00 - 21:00

Taipei Artist Village

No. 7 Beiping E. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan



Candy Bird、WANG Lien-Cheng、HSU Yen-Ting X Sally RICHARDSON、Alice LIN X Claire BUSHBY、LI Yi-Fan、HUANG Chih-Cheng、Äi Äi ILLUM LAB、PAN Po-Ling X CY

About the Event

2019 TAV Art Project continues Taipei Artist Village (TAV) as the base for Artist-in-Residence Taipei. Through the artist's short-term residency, it penetrates, transfers, and departs temporarily. The exhibition this year carries on the past spirit, escapes from quadrant restrictions, gathers creators’ personal experiences, and writes by art language indirectly as well as keeps complete records.


Experience is an observation, a feeling through senses. The experience gained in a life that is neither short nor long would be applied to follow-up works. These previous experiences hold an important key to my unknown life, regardless of their attributes. Art, though, it is not the priority, is a necessity in our daily life. When mysterious and intractable problems arise in reality, we attempt to use the language of contemporary art to sort out and get close. Press the Spacebar Twice—2019 TAV Art Project, starting from "Myself" as the core, artists collect their unique daily by observing their inner-selves.

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