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March 7th to May 9th 2020

Venue | Glorious Jewel Art Center

Candy Bird’s solo show: Freaks Prologue


Venue | Glorious Jewel Art Center 寶吉祥藝術中心
1F., No. 28, Ln. 69, Jingye 2nd Rd., Zhongshan Dist., Taipei

About the Event

Glorious Jewel Art Center presents Candy Bird’s first retrospective solo exhibition “Freak’s Prologue”. Candy Bird was born in Taipei 1982, he began his art on street in 2010. His early works focused on graffiti, often depicting his feelings towards social phenomena with a humorous narrative.

In 2016, he started works collaborating with writers combining the stories of individual lives allowing the audience to be attentive to their marks and to create a dialogues with his/her own experiences. This exhibition also presents the artist’s new series "Episode: Prologue". In 2019, Candy Bird went on a road trip in California. Initially he started with taking landscape photos along the way, combined with the spontaneous written excerpts. As a result, conveying a poetic image notes, exploring the meaning of "process" and the blurred space between imagination and reality. Through the exhibition, the audience not only experiences the Candy Bird's art but also a glimpse of the different aspects of society through art.

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